The Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit


  The chance of a lifetime came up in September 2013 when a good chum of mine asked

  me if I'd like to drive the Grand Prix Circuit at Silverstone in his car.

  This was an MG Car Club track day and an experience not to be missed. 

  Having spent many years competing in my Scimitar at Speed Hill Climbs, Sprints and

  some circuits there had never been the opportunity to drive the full Grand Prix Circuit

  at Silverstone in anger, so out came the old race suit, helmet and gloves.


  We shared the driving in his MG ZS. A saloon car powered by a V6 2.5 litre engine which

  produces close to 200 BHP.  The performance is not out of the ordinary but is very respectable and

  not likely to be too slow round a high speed circuit.  My main concern was that I had never

  driven a front wheel drive car in anger and did not know quite what to expect. 

  It turned out to be well behaved and quite predictable.


  Track days organised by the MG Club have strict rules to ensure people don't get up to

  anything too silly and that cars and drivers remain in one piece.  Overtaking is not allowed

  in corners, not allowed unless the car in front has moved over or indicated, and only on

  the left side of the car being overtaken.


  This video is my final run. It starts fairly slowly as the traffic ahead has to be overtaken,

  and ends up going about as fast as the car (and driver) could manage. 

  There is still time to be gained through Copse though!!  Next time!




   It's a fairly large file (90MB) and runs for 20 minutes, so please be patient if your

  connection speed is on the slow side.     OR

  you can right click  HERE  and select 'Save Link As' and save the file to a suitable

  folder and then view the video.